Daily Weekly anecdotes (generated by a GPT-2 model)

Super Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney thought he had broken numerous crazy world records, including the speed record for a human being and the longest flight over land or sea. He was also the first person to travel from the United Kingdom to New Zealand and back by submarine. But the world didn't agree. He was told by the Guinness Book that he could only be a "superhuman" because he was not really a human. He became a superhuman, and it is only in this form of existence that he could brake records. Now the world agrees he's really a superhuman, too - and this is why he is not really human. In fact, he's the same size as a human being but with a huge amount of superhuman strength. In this new form, McCartney looks like a normal, ordinary human, but there is a great deal of power within him. It's almost as big as a house. "It might well have taken an earthquake or an asteroid to knock him off this peak," Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Mark Smith, told CNN's Erin Burnett. Smith has decided not to put an asterisk next to the title for "The World's Toughest Man" but he does have three words to explain the decision: "This is just an exercise for him." It's not a new thing, but Guinness World Records has decided not to put an asterisk at the title for this record because "this is just an exercise for him. But this is something I do think that we need to remember." In addition to this record, the record holder is also the longest time-traveller over land, with the longest time-travelled over sea, and the fastest human being in the world. Smith said that the record is based on "what the person does with it." "And he does have a lot to celebrate."

Added on Tuesday, 20. October 2020


Below this line are the old anecdotes that I gathered over time.

Watermelon is not the key

Scientist have established that it is extremely unlikely that eating watermelon can prevent you from losing your keys. In fact, scientists have concluded that eating watermelon will actually make you lose your keys. So, if you're not interested in getting your keys for sure, why not have a go at the watermelon?

Added on Monday, 12. October 2020

A collection of short anecdotes about Stanley Kubrick.

Contrary to popular belief, Stanley Kubrick would not eat anything else than chocolate for breakfast. In the 1970s, Stanley took a vacation for several weeks to the Maldives. The only items allowed in his cabin was a can of tuna from Japan. During the trip, the hotel was not open to guests, so no one was allowed to eat anything except that can of tuna. It is said that when Stanley was writing the screenplay for 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was told not to use any words from Greek or Sanskrit since they had no proper English equivalents. Kubrick, a strong advocate for free speech, refused to see the film unless everyone was allowed to see it too. On March 20th, 1963, when Kubrick was about to open the doors of the famous MGM studio in Culver City, California, the studio was locked and the lights were turned off. Kubrick, his wife Christiane and his children were locked inside the studio and had to stay in hiding for several days. The studio was then reopened with the lights again on. Stanley Kubrick had a very high-pitched voice. This is most likely due to the fact that he lived in a large home in California with his wife Christiane and children. When asked what is the worst thing about working for Stanley Kubrick, his closest friend says that he has never seen him do anything well. His favorite thing to do was to watch television programs such as The Twilight Zone and Doctor Who. In his final moments of life, Stanley Kubrick did not want to be touched at all. He wanted to be alone in his bedroom, and for his daughter Christiane to be with him. He then asked his assistant: "Is the light on?". Kubrick was known to be extremely sensitive to sound. In order to get his attention, his assistants would wear headphones and put them on his nose.

Added on Friday, 09. October 2020

Alpacas should not cross the ocean!

Here is the thing that would happen if we introduced alpacas in european cities: it would create an enormous chain reaction among the population which will lead to the total removal of all the current wild animals from european cities. This would lead to a complete loss of biodiversity and all of the wild animal species in europe would become extinct. The population of alpacas in europe will then be reduced to the levels seen today. In other words, zero. In this scenario, it would make sense not to introduce alpacas in european cities.

Added on Tuesday, 29. September 2020

Midsummer Ball in Port Pirie

In Port Pirie, there is a weird annual event called the "Midsummer Ball," where a whole pack of local sheep are led into the city to have a go at some drinking with the locals. As the sheep go around the pub, some of them start to get drunk. The sheep decide to take advantage and start to attack people in the bar. It goes on until the sheep are all inside and the people have no choice but to flee.

Added on Wednesday, 23. September 2020

The history of a forgotten recipe

In 1934, a new recipe for a "bacon" cookie was published in the Annals of Improbable Research. In the recipe, you can see that the cookie is made using flour, sugar, cocoa, and egg yolk. You can also see that the ingredients are not only specified, but are labeled. It also indicates the temperature the cookie is to be baked at and that it is to be baked in a pan covered with parchment paper. The "bacon" cookies were an instant hit. A year later, a "bacon" cookie version was printed in the March 1935 issue of The Women's Home Companion. In the "bacon" cookies, you can see the instructions have been changed to indicate the ingredients. And in 1937, a "bacon" cookie recipe appeared in a cookbook called Bakes and Cookies that was published by the same publisher as the one that published Annals of Improbable Research. They use the same flour, sugar, cocoa, and egg yolks that was used in the "bacon" cookie recipe.

Added on Wednesday, 03. June 2020

Koalas can be agressive

A koala was caught on video this week in Melbourne, Australia, trying to fight a dog named Doxie. Doxie, an Alaskan Malamute-shepherd mix, was being watched by a group of people in a park when the koala jumped in front of her, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. She then began fighting the dog, and the group of onlookers called for help. When police arrived on the scene, the koala got away in a nearby bush. The video shows the animal running toward the park, as onlookers scream at her to "get the f--- out!"

Added on Saturday, 23. May 2020

A worth knowing fact

It is absolutely not recommended to drink the juice of a poisonous plant.

Added on Wednesday, 13. May 2020

High ELO Rats

There is a famous chess match in which players physically lost several pieces in the middle of the game. They were nowhere to be found. The preferred hypothesis is that they had escaped. This is one of those ideas that seems to make sense but doesn't. But it has been confirmed. In 2011, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that chess-playing rats had actually been trained to find their own chess pieces. And they managed to train these rats to find them. The researchers trained these rats to find the chess pieces by giving them a reward when they found a chess piece and a punishment if they did not find the chess piece and instead ate a marshmallow.

Added on Tuesday, 05. May 2020

A fuel-powered vice-president

Colombia's vice-president for sure loves cars: in only one week, he bought some of his favourite sports car and drove it around to the supermarket in an attempt to get a discount, before buying himself the next one. That's right: he paid for the car by doing a drive in it. And, yes: he did it only to save a few pesos. According to the newspaper El Pais, Mr Bustarreta bought the car after a friend offered him a discount, which, by the way, was a lot of savings if you had the discount obtained after driving around the supermarket.

Added on Wednesday, 29. April 2020

A long lasting animal breed

The scientist and philosopher René Descartes had a very peculiar theory about turtles: that they had the capacity to change themselves into other animals, but not into plants. This is not quite true, at least by natural selection. There are many ways of changing yourself into another species: by interbreeding, by hybridization, through mutation, by hybridization with plants, by hybridization with animals, and so on. There is no one way of turning into another species.

Added on Friday, 24. April 2020

This game will turn any place into a zoo!

There is a fun game involving animals, called "Animal Monopoly." This is a game that a couple of friends and me played in New York, where we played it with a group of people in our class. The objective is to have as many animals as possible. It's a fairly easy game and it's also quite amusing. The rule is simple. The game is over when you have as many animals as you can at a given location: So if you want to keep trying to be more like the cats, the best way to do it is to make sure that you are at the zoo (as the cats are, at least, the only ones with an apartment). You can get as many animals as you can, by taking turns taking animals from your box. Once you have the animals you can place them anywhere on your piece. You don't have to do the exact placement, but you have to go to a location and find the location that has enough animals already.

Added on Wednesday, 12. February 2020

The Pope's friend

The Pope's favourite pet is a giant panda named Pookie who travels with the Pope during the annual Christmas tour of Asia, said to be the most important event in his life. Mr Bajos said Pookie has become the Pope's 'best friend' and the animals have been allowed to stay in his home. 'I am sure that he loves this big panda. He can go and stay at my house and he is really happy about it,' he added.

Added on Tuesday, 11. February 2020

Donald Trump is at ease with his passion for golf

Here is an excerpt of the upcomming Donald Trump's book, dealing about his passion for golf and golf courses and how he has spent more of his life on the course than with his family: "I've gotten so good at it I don't even need my wife. My life is like a big game of golf. I win, I win, I win. I get very good. When I started, I was really bad. I got really good over the years. I'm really good. I love golf so much. It's so much fun. My wife can't even get in the car with me, it's like I don't even know what she's doing and I'm just sitting right there." "I love golf and I love to play. I love it as much as anything. I'm not much for the actual competition, but I don't care because I win. I love winning. But there's no room for error."

Added on Monday, 10. February 2020

Communism advices

Here are some wise advices to remember in case you are a card carrying member of the communist party: 1. "When a man takes his meals at a communist restaurant his thoughts are with the revolution and he never returns to the bourgeois restaurants." (Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels "The workers' commissariat must always be on the alert for new means to increase efficiency of production." (Communist Manifesto) 2. "The best way to control a crowd is to keep it on its feet." (Communist Manifesto) "In the communist society there will be no longer any bourgeoisie, there will be only the communist proletariat." (Communist Manifesto) 3. "The most effective method of making a crowd of people do as you want them to will be to make them think they are doing as you want them to." (Communist Manifesto) 4. "The first step in getting a crowd to do something, is to make them believe it is necessary to do it." (Communist Manifesto) 5. "Communism does not abolish classes, rather it creates an entirely new social order in which they have to disappear." (Communist Manifesto) 6. "The only answer to the proletariat is direct action, and its weapon is the factory." (Communist Manifesto) 7. "In the beginning the struggle against the machine was only a struggle for bread, but now, thanks to Marxism, it is a fight for life itself." (Communist Manifesto)

Added on Friday, 07. February 2020

The White House Dolphin

Barack Obama once declared that he saw a dolphin swimming in the sea with a human on its back. He also stated that he was the one who made the dolphin swim by giving it a push. The Obama White House claimed they gave the dolphin a push. On November 4 the White House sent out a tweet saying this dolphin is alive and well with a human on its back in a swimming pool: "The @WhiteHouse can confirm that Barack and Michelle Obama saw this dolphin at the @RaulLago pool today. We gave it a push." In a tweet dated November 3, 2013 , White House staff told followers that the "Obama's Dolphin did not swim today: "Our @WhiteHouse Dolphin is fine. But he does not swim today." "He does not swim today" is a lie from Barack Obama. The White House is a hoax to cover up Obama's crimes against the American people. "This one time, in a swimming pool" is Obama's lies on the internet. In a recent tweet from November 2, 2013 , Donald Trump said this: "@WhiteHouse this is what I saw in the @RaulLagos pool today when I met this beautiful dolphin" And he has been saying such things all year: "I am not a dolphin expert, but I do know what I saw in the Raul Lagos pool on Sunday when I met this beautiful dolphin". So what is this dolphin and why did Donald Trump say this?

Added on Thursday, 06. February 2020


A Greek scientist has surprisingly discovered that the only people in the world who can eat all their weight in bananas are Americans.

Added on Wednesday, 05. February 2020

T-Rexes were actually quite easy to escape from

According to a recent study, a T-Rex is physically not able to jump over the Great Wall of China, because the Great Wall is too big. In a sense, the Great Wall is too high. A large-sized and tall obstacle can actually block the T-Rex's movement in one direction, which means the T-Rex cannot turn around and run in that direction. The researchers suggested that this may have been the reason why the T-Rex was incapable of going into the water. This is what scientists found on a recent expedition to China's famous Yangtze River. They found that an enormous and tall wall of stone blocks had blocked the T-Rex's pathway. As a result, the scientists suggest that the T-Rex was unable to jump over the huge wall, hence the reason why it was unable to go into the water. The findings were based on a study conducted in 2011. "Although the size of this barrier can be compared with the Great Wall of China, the T-Rex's body has a high level of muscle power and was not physically able to break the wall as a result of its massive muscles, it is still a high level of body strength to withstand the pressure of the wall," said a study from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The researchers also found that a wall at this height can block the T-Rex's movements in a direction of only a quarter circle around the obstacle - a much smaller area than the width of the Great Wall itself. "This obstacle blocks the way of the T-Rex's body to reach the ocean," the scientists wrote.

Added on Tuesday, 04. February 2020

The right to change names!

The true names of Santa Claus deers are in the process of changing, according to a news report by CBS affiliate KHOU. A new study conducted on about 300 white-tailed deer in Oklahoma revealed that the creatures' true name is actually "Rudolph." KHOU obtained the information from the state's Department of Wildlife's Wildlife Resource Specialist. "There was a name change done a month ago for Rudolph and it was in the paper about a week or so ago — we just found out about this today," said the spokesperson. The deer named "Rudolph," which is the traditional name used for the deer, could get a new name for its species. "We don't know what the name of the next deer will be," said spokesman Bob Haines. "We'll probably get a name and put a little plaque on it to show it was the one named Rudolph." Rudolph is a name that has been in use for white-tailed deer since at least the 1960s. There is also a chance that this year's name could be changed. In the past the name has changed from "Rudolph" to "Horse." "We'll change it to whatever we want to do," said Haines. "But we'll probably still put a plaque on it." According to the state, the white-tailed deer's true name is "Rupy." The study will also look at the species' geographic distribution. "We will take a look at some of the numbers and numbers of each of those groups so we can have an idea of where they're all at, but then we might get some of the deer that are actually in the state or around the state to determine their locations," said Haines. As the new name is considered, the state will be looking at the potential for changing the species' official color, according to the spokesperson. This is the first time that deer with the name "Rudolph" have been observed outside of Oklahoma, the spokesman said. In addition to the official name change, the report found that white-tailed deer that are not named Rudolph are "Mosepw" and "Cox," respectively. The research is expected to be complete by the end of August.

Added on Tuesday, 07. January 2020

A weird football match

The weirdest football match ever took place in a church. A team of two-year-olds, each named 'Lazy Lizzie' – Lazy for lazy, Lizzie for lazy, but mostly Lizzie because they're named after the best singer ever – took on a team of 10 year-olds, all named 'Slyly Lizzie'. In the first round, they lost and went down to the next round as a result. In the second, they scored. Then, in the third round, they won! This match was one of the biggest and greatest ever to take place at a church.

Added on Monday, 06. January 2020

Honey ink for a sweet book

The longest book written with honey ink (a translucent ink that stains like a dried version of French chalk) is a 11 page gem, The Undercover Sound and The Window, from 1931. It is aimed to inspire and amuse, featuring hand-printed illustrations of 1930s characters, such as Zorro, a farmer with a cake for a nose, or Leslie Tompkins, a hero named after Joseph Wambaugh, the former Broadway star best known for his films of the early 20th century.

Added on Friday, 20. December 2019

An award-winning dance move

The dance move called the "Astronomical Shuffle" will be performed for the first time in the stadium's history. The move, which was created by the famous dance duo of Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand, has been used in concerts worldwide since the late '70s and in movies like the Michael Jackson movie "Dangerous" and the Michael Jackson movie "Piece of Me." The dance is named after the number of celestial bodies that make up the universe—three and a half.

Added on Thursday, 19. December 2019

Motorboating on a Nestle product... not so sure!

There is motorboat brand that is owned by Nestlé. The giant agri-food corporation chose to buy a motorboat brand because the brand was so popular and they felt the boat brand would provide a good marketing platform to drive sales with the potential for growth. The motor boat brand is named after the founder of the company. He was a pioneer who believed in the power of the motorboat and in the value of the brand as a marketing tool. So, why are we talking about the Nestlé boat brand? The company is currently in court fighting lawsuits filed against it by a handful of consumers and the company, the motorboat brand, is one of the plaintiffs in that lawsuit. The lawsuits seek compensation and redress for consumers who purchased motorboats from the Nestlé boat brand and for the company for the damages it suffered for failing to deliver the promised products. The company says that it has never made and is not currently manufacturing and selling motorboats, but it is being sued for failing to deliver products, the Nestlé brand being the name of the company and for breaching the contract signed by consumers. In this regard, the company says that it has a legal obligation and responsibility to fulfill the promise and deliver the product that is represented. This legal battle is being fought as part of a broader battle of the brands . This brand war includes a number of different companies that sell the same products.

Added on Tuesday, 17. December 2019

A useful tip in case of a tropical fight

During a fight involving a tiger, a gorilla and an angry elephant, the best strategy is to hit the elephant first. The gorilla, however, is a very fast-moving predator. This is a dangerous position for an elephant to be in, and the gorilla, who is a larger and larger elephant, is a very dangerous opponent. The best strategy is to hit the gorilla first, and then try to hit the elephant. When the gorilla hits the elephant, the elephant is no longer an elephant, it is now a gorilla. And that means that the gorilla is no longer a threat to the elephant. This is a really good strategy. If the gorilla hits the elephant, it will not only kill the elephant outright, but it will kill any other large animals that are nearby that might be in immediate danger from it. So, if you can get the gorilla to go first, you can get them to stop attacking and leave you to continue killing the elephants. If you can get the gorilla to go first, the tiger will not stop attacking and attacking, leaving you with no choice but to go with the gorilla and kill the elephant. There are a couple reasons why this strategy may not work. First, the gorilla can be very dangerous at times and will be more likely to strike before the elephant. And second, sometimes elephants will be more dangerous than gorillas. And so, sometimes the best strategy is to go with the gorilla and not the elephant. So, in the example, if a gorilla hits the elephant immediately, the elephant is no longer an elephant, and so the gorilla is no longer a threat. That, however, is not the situation that I want to discuss, because I want to make the gorilla the most dangerous.

Added on Monday, 16. December 2019

Revolution of the revolutions!

A Stalinist and a Leninist met in a boat, where there was a conversation between them in which the Stalinist asked the Leninist: "Are your theories complete?" The Leninist replied: "Yes, my theory is complete." The Stalinist said: "But you are a revolutionary and so must change your theories, you are a Leninist." The Leninist replied: "Yes, I know that but I must change my theory, my revolutionist theory".

Added on Friday, 13. December 2019

The safest road in the world

The safest road in the world is located in Switzerland. It is called the La Rue, named after the street that is its most famous landmark—the Rue de La Rue. It runs from Lausitz in the west to Vaud in the east, and from the German border in the east to the Swiss border in the west, all a very distance from any border. If you travel on it, you will never have a problem with a border patrol. It is the longest road in Europe. Its average length is more than three times the length of the US Interstate highway system. It has six national parks, most of them in the Swiss part.

Added on Thursday, 12. December 2019

The original plot for Baby Driver leaked

The original plot for Baby Driver was the following: Baby is a getaway driver in Atlanta. Baby ferries crews of robbers assembled by Doc, a criminal mastermind. Between jobs, he remixes snippets of recorded conversations and tapes for new stories. Doc makes a fortune from these. He's the one who makes sure Baby doesn't get caught. When Baby is arrested for his latest job, he is offered a chance to do it over, which he decides he can't pass up. He is released, and Baby starts a new life. His name is Baby Driver. In the movie, this all seems simple: Baby takes jobs and is arrested for them. But in the real world, it's not that simple. What's the actual reason for Baby's arrest? Well, when the cops get to Baby in the movie, he's driving a fancy Ferrari and is dressed very stylishly. It's the same car Doc uses, and they both look the same. In the movie, Baby is arrested on suspicion of drug use, but in real life, the cops didn't even find drugs in his car. Baby Driver also uses this trope. Baby is arrested for speeding. But real life police only have reason to pull him over because he's driving at such a high speed he's not visible to the oncoming traffic. So he's caught by the cops, but they've had no reason to think he's a bad guy in the first place. Baby is also given no reason to fear them because he doesn't have any money on him, and they can't confiscate that. And then there are the scenes with Baby's girlfriend, who isn't Baby's girlfriend in the film, but has been in the script.

Added on Wednesday, 11. December 2019

Nightmares of Hippos

Hippopotamus are afraid of vegetables that are in their path and will attack them. If they do get within 10 feet of a vegetable, they will try to attack it. If they do manage to bite into something they won't attack it, but will go to attack anything that enters their sight, including you.

Added on Tuesday, 10. December 2019

Donald Trump's tour de main

The craziest stunt ever performed, according to president-elect Donald Trump and some of his supporters, is when a giant penis made of cash was flown into the White House press room and was seen by the entire world for 30 minutes. A few hours later, the president-elect himself tweeted that he was 'just informed that the size of my hands does not matter' in his dealings with the world. 'Because they are small, it doesn't matter,' Trump said in a Twitter post. He then went on to say: 'I win at business, everyone loses at business and no one wins at life'.

Added on Monday, 09. December 2019

Napolean was concerned about the bear-hazard

Napoleon might have said once that any bear could kill a human being, a bear could kill a tiger, and a tiger could kill a bear. He may have meant it as a joke, but when we turn to his words and consider the evidence, we find the same joke in them and in his life. The first time in history that a bear was seen killing a human being is in the early part of the eighteenth century. The first known bear attack occurred on October 9, 1680 when two men were attacked by a bear on the road between Bratislava and Szczecin (now Koper). The first recorded recorded attack that occurred after the first known bear attack was on April 25, 1681 near Miskolc (now Szczecin). In the years that followed, several attacks were recorded in Poland and Hungary (a few times in the former) and in Hungary the only recorded attack occurred on June 25, 1706 in a forest near Koper (then the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary).

Added on Friday, 06. December 2019

Wales scientist are back at it again

There are scientists in Wales studying how long a monkey can go without a human presence without it becoming depressed. There are others researching whether the same can be said for a chimpanzee. In the end, it may be that a species can learn to cope if they are left unattended by a human for long periods of time, but the reality is that some species are just less capable of learning. There is, however, one species that I believe has been successfully left alone for extended periods of time. The black rhinoceros, an animal with a large brain size, a big heart and a strong ability to survive in harsh terrain, was thought to be one such species until scientists discovered that it would not learn to adapt to the harsh climate conditions of the African plains unless a human presence was nearby.

Added on Thursday, 05. December 2019

A remarkable answer by Kennedy

President Kennedy was known for his insatiable curiosity. When a reporter asked him to explain the significance of the moon landings, Kennedy said, "Well, there's a man on the moon."

Added on Wednesday, 04. December 2019

Working for and against the bad guys

There was an inventor working for the Mafia during prohibition called James J. "Jimmy" Doyle. Doyle invented a device to detect alcohol content by using the smell of alcohol. As a consequence, his invention was used to convict people of alcohol crimes, and he was given the nickname "The Alcohol Doctor". In the early 1950s, the Alcohol Industry Association (the American alcohol industry group) began to support the concept of "alcohol detection devices" in the United States, and soon the term "alcohol detection devices" began to become accepted to refer to the most common alcohol detection devices available to the public. These devices are used in the United States to detect and measure alcohol content in a beverage. In the United Kingdom they are called "alcohol level" devices. The devices are generally calibrated and then "dumped" onto the beverage, which will give the amount of alcohol that is present in the beverage. When these devices "work", they are called "detectors" or "detectors" - which are generally "detectors" that are not calibrated.

Added on Tuesday, 03. December 2019

Bigfoot might have a passport!

Bigfoot has in fact been spotted all around the world. The first sighting in the UK occurred in Scotland, where the beast was said to stand upright and have a long neck, as well as a "long and thick coat" and long arms. The sighting came when a local woman called the police after seeing a "huge black cat." A few days later, the police spotted a "tall and huge, black cat" in a forest in the southern part of England, according to a BBC report. The report went on to say that this creature was also in Scotland, and had a "long and thick coat" and arms, along with long legs. The first Bigfoot sighting in Canada came two months later, when a group of men in the province of Quebec said they had sighted something large and black in the woods, along with a "tall and black." In May 2012, a group of three people in Alberta said they had seen a "large, black monster" in the woods near their campsite. In the same year, a group of four men in the province of Alberta claimed they had also seen something large and black in the forest, and an "almost black animal" standing upright, along with a "tall and white animal."

Added on Monday, 02. December 2019

The long story of the American nuclear codes

The Gold Codes (the launch codes for nuclear weapons provided to the Presidents of the United States) were originally created by the British, but since the British gave them to the Americans, they became the American Presidents' codes. After the American nuclear bombs went off at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there was a worldwide scramble for the codes. The codes were given to the American Presidents in a brief ceremony in the White House (where they were held), then the codes were delivered to the US Secretary of State. When the codes were delivered, the Secretary of State turned them over to the American Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence. (The code for the ICBM launch codes, the SSO code which was used in the nuclear missile launch codes in the Soviet Union, was given to the Soviets in the Soviet Union in the same manner as the American codes were given to the Americans.) The Americans then handed them over to the Commander of the US Strategic Air Command, who passed them over to the Commander of US Strategic Missile Command, who passed them over to the Director of the US Missile Defense Organization, who passed them over to the Director of the US Air Defense Command, who passed them over to the Commander of the US Pacific Air Defense Command, who passed them on to the Commanders of the US European Air Defense Command, who passed them on to the Air Force Command, which passed them to the Commander of the US Army Strategic Command, which passed them on to the Commander of the US Army Strategic Missile Command, which passed them on to the Commander of the US Army Strategic Nuclear Command, which passed them over to the Commander of the US Strategic Command. These codes were used to launch the nuclear missiles at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Added on Friday, 29. November 2019

Free the Kangaroos!

Is had been found that Australia is not an island anymore but is rather some kind of kangaroo zoo! There is no need for a "tour of karoo," because the kangarsoo have been captured and are now in captivity. They are fed a diet of carrots, potatoes, and beans, and are constantly encouraged to move from their home to the other side of the island to reach the sea. This is a very dangerous task, because if they make it to shore, there's a good chance they'll fall into the water, where they'll be eaten by the sharks (the kangaroos are very intelligent, and if they fall into the water, their only chance of survival is to escape and swim away to land). But the kangarsoo are eager to be free to live in their own country again, because it's their country, and they have a home there. It is also a good opportunity for the kangaroos to practice their language again, for they can now speak with each other and they can communicate directly with the kangarsoo that have also made landfall as "free people". In other words, it's an opportunity to practice the English language, and in this country, the kangaroos can speak and read English.

Added on Friday, 29. November 2019

A long journey for a pole-dancer

A man has crossed the whole continent using only a stick and a flag. He is one of thousands of people who have used the ancient technique of "pole-dancing", which combines a pole with a flag, to walk from point A to point B, from east to west, all on foot. Most of the walkers carry a wooden stick, called a "pole", which they swing over their shoulder. Others hold a large "flag", called a "bouillon", on which they place a small white stick with the name of their destination - in this case, "Vladivostok". "The poles are quite heavy for a woman with a baby, and the flag is quite tiny," the man, named only as Sergei, told Reuters. "The pole dance itself is quite difficult," he explained, "but the flag and the stick are a bit easier. But if you are carrying a baby, it is harder."

Added on Thursday, 28. November 2019

A surprising regulation in the Russian capital

There is a strange traffic law in Moscow: the younger, male citizen of an Soviet or former Soviet republic does not have to give way to a cyclist when there are two bikes in the lane. I have seen this happen many times, not because the cyclist was not making a fair and decisive overtaking manoeuvre, but simply because the bike traffic on the road was swerving in the opposite direction to the cyclist, he had to make way for it. More often than not, the young male cyclist got his helmet swatted by a passing car, and that was that.

Added on Wednesday, 27. November 2019

Some truth about Area 51

The US government actually uses Area 51 as a storage facility for old people in West Virginia, but in reality they are actually taking their old people and children into the underground base. The United States Air Force has actually infiltrated the base. That is how their space program is run. They take people out of normal society and then bring them here to where they are heavily encrypted and disguised. There is a large gap between what the base seems like to outsiders, and what it really is.

Added on Tuesday, 26. November 2019

A weird collectible of the Quentin Tarantino's collection

Tarantino owned one of the rarest bats for a while, but he wouldn't sell it for a great price. However, people just had to make a deal. So, on August 8th, they did. Michael Ruman told Forbes that he and his dad made a deal with Tarantino's friend Travis Knight for the bat. "After we opened the online auction, the only offer was from someone in Texas. They had to pay all the fees of the auction," Michael told Forbes.

Added on Monday, 25. November 2019